Tuition and Fees K-8

St. Michael the Archangel Regional School is funded through a budget comprised of tuition and fees, parish subsidies, and fund raising activities. 

Families are expected to financially support their parish which subsidizes the School so as to help keep the tuition costs reasonable. Parents have the option of participating in fund raising activities through the Fundraising Program or making payment in lieu of fundraisers. See the Fundraising Program of our website for more information.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade  11 Payments July -May

1st child $4,960 $450.91/month
2nd child $3,536       +$321.45/month
3rd child $3,068       +$278.90/month

non-Catholic Rate   $5,838 $530.73/month

 Payment Plans


One Full Payment 

Due: August 10

Two Payments

Due: August 10 & February 10 

11 Month Payment Plan     

Due: Monthly by Agreed Date 

Additional Yearly Fees: All fees will be applied to the first tuition payment.

$ 44 FACTS fee
$ 25 Supply fee
$ 35 Technology fee

All families are encouraged to apply for financial assistance awards. Financial Assistance forms can be obtained online through the link below.

Tuition Aid Form