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On April 20 and 21st, Saint Michael the Archangel school performed “Singin in the Rain Jr.”. The main characters were played by eighth graders. Most of them have been in the play for eight years. The main characters were Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown play by Christian Bracht and JT Klein. Along with Lina Lamont and Kathy Selden played by Stephanie DiMeo and Camryn Cataline. In summary the play takes place in the 1920s when talkies (talking movies) are just coming out and one of the actresses is gorgeous but her voice is very high-pitched and nasally . So when they find a girl that has a beautiful voice they ask her to dub (talk for sing for) the actress. The play is filled with singing and dancing and silliness along the way. In the end everything ends up fine.   
Janina Caputo gr. 4 
Posted by sklein  On May 07, 2018 at 11:04 AM 35 Comments