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On Saturday April 22, 2017, St. Michael school organized a new type of Mother/Son event. Mothers and sons were invited to get a tour of Citizen’s Bank Park where the Philadelphia Phillies play.  Since I couldn’t go, I decided to get an exclusive interview with St. Michael’s Kindergartener, Calvin Caputo AKA my little brother.
So Calvin, 
Q: Was this event fun? 
A: Sort of  (even though he took tons of pictures and talked about it all day)
Q: If this event is offered again next year, would you go ?
A: Yes, because we got to go on the field
Q: How many people ( Including moms) were there?
A: probably 25 million ( but when I checked with my mom  she said only 80)
Q: Was there a giftshop?
A: Yes two parts and one with a Giant Philly Phanatic statue. 
Q: What was your favorite part?
A: At the beginning, when we watched a little video about when and how the park was made.
So along with touring the hall of fame, visiting the luxury boxes and getting pictures in the dugout, they got to see all the cool things in the stadium. Even though it was a rainy day it turned out to be a bright memory. Thank you to the PTA for organizing this event. Many are very excited to attend next year. 
Janina Caputo
-3rd grade
Posted by sklein  On Apr 28, 2017 at 11:35 AM 28 Comments
On April 10th, my 8th grade class performed the Living Stations of the Cross. Joe DiPietro played Jesus, Savanna Snyder portrayed Mary, Jacob Donneys acted as Pontius Pilate and Joseph. Nino Castorio was a solider, Rachel Foster played Veronica and many other 8th graders helped behind the scenes. Sister Janice did a tremendous job bringing everything together, not to mention Sister Nabila and her amazing costumes. After the meditation and prayer, the audience and the 8th graders were able to enjoy a large spread of soups and desserts. Over all, the performance was a nice reminder that Easter is not about the candy or egg hunts, but about how Jesus suffered and died to save us from sin then rose again on the third day.

Shannon Jefferis
- 8th grade  
Posted by sklein  On Apr 12, 2017 at 8:14 AM 23 Comments
The Daddy Daughter Dance was April 1st and had a butterfly garden theme. The decorations of flowers were beautiful. There was a cool photo station so you could take pictures with your friends and dad. There were fun crafts to make and pictures to color. The food was so yummy. There was pizza, cookies, brownies, lemonade and much more to enjoy. The DJ played great slow and fast music for everyone to dance to. There were dance contests to compete in. Fourth grader Grace Miedel and her dad won the thriller dance contest. The Daddy Daughter Dance is fun for all ages. I hope all the daughters and their dads will come next year!

By Gretchen Smith
Grade 4
Posted by sklein  On Apr 11, 2017 at 10:32 AM 21 Comments
On March 28th, St Michael the Archangel Regioanl School 8th grade students from St. Bridget's Parish received the sacrament of Confirmation. After many hours of hard work and service, they were officially recognized as an adult in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The ceremony was officiated by Bishop Dennis Sullivan, Pastor Father Field, Father Victorino, Deacon Soto, Deacon Loungo, and Deacon Heil. The Bishop, priests, deacons, and all the Confirmandi looked lovely in their long red gowns. The Bishop gave a pleasant homily and preached about how the candidates would fully receive the wondrous gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their faces beamed with joy as they were fully confirmed into the Catholic Faith. 

- Shannon Jefferis 
   8th grade
Posted by sklein  On Mar 31, 2017 at 11:26 AM 22 Comments

St. Michael the Archangel Regional School’s Drama Club performed The Wizard of Oz on March 24 and 25, 2017 at Glassboro High School. The scenery was beautiful and bright and made the audience feel like they were in Oz. The songs were fun and the dancing was great. Stephanie DiMeo, who played Dorothy, had a beautiful singing voice. Camryn Cataline, who played the Tin Man (woman), gave a great performance. Christian Bracht who played the Scarecrow was a great dancer during the song “Jitterbug” with the Cowardly Lion. Speaking of which Robbie Tierno, he played the Cowardly Lion gave us a great Cowardly Lion voice. Gianna DeLellis who played Glinda the Good Witch was magical and Olivia Reyes who played the Wicked Witch was definitely wicked. The costumes were well strung together which was the last part to making the show awesome. Overall the show was exciting and enjoyable.  Check out the photos and videos on our Facebook and Instagram page! Follow us on Facebook at Saint Michael the Archangel Regional School and Instagram at stmichaelsregionalschool.     

                                                                -Janina Caputo

                                                                           Grade 3  

Posted by sklein  On Mar 28, 2017 at 8:25 PM 22 Comments
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