Greek Fest 
When you are in 6th grade you learn in detail about ancient civilizations like Egypt or China. The Greek Fest is basically a summary of 6th grade History, but way more fun!! We act out the play Persephone and Demeter. This is about how Greeks thought the seasons change. Then we show off our group projects. Each group selected a  Greek category to present in detail to all the students and faculty at SMRS. The categories were architecture, Olympics, famous people, history, and (the most popular) food and drink. The group the presented architecture told everyone about Greek buildings and art. The Olympics were originated from Greece, just like the Olympics today. The group that presented famous Greek people spoke about rulers and famous historians. The history group spoke mostly about Greek facts and how the country originated. The food and drink category was all about what the Greeks ate and drank. They had examples for everyone to try, like grape juice, olives, and hummus. Every 6th grade class does this every year. Mr. Wittstock, the 6th grade teacher, has been doing the same play fro 12 years!

-Katie Kershaw
  6th grade

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