May Crowning 2017

On May 19th Mrs. Sidoti’s second grade class celebrated receiving their First Holy Communion during May Crowning. Parents and students were interviewed about the ceremony. First we asked Ms. Smith some questions.

Q: Did you like the song the class sang How Beautiful?

Ms. Smith: Yes, it is a very touching song.

Q: What was your favorite part?

Ms. Smith: The class singing the song along with the sign language.


                Then we asked Mrs. Miedel some questions about the ceremony. We asked her if she also liked the song and what her favorite part was of May Crowning. Mrs. Miedel said “yes the song really was beautiful!” and her favorite part was the children crowning Mary. Adelina Bompensa and Anthony Dacierno were the two students chosen to place the crown of flowers on the blessed mother statue.


                We asked three of the second graders questions about the day. Colton Duca was up first.

Q: Did you have fun?

Colton: Yes!

Q: What was your favorite part?

Colton: When they crowned Mary.


                Brady Miedel and Owen Smith (our younger brothers) were asked the same questions. They both said that “Yes” they had fun and their favorite part was when they each read at the podium. While reading they seemed to have enjoyed it. The May Crowning was a beautiful ceremony and is a wonderful tradition at our school. Congratulations to the second grade class on receiving your First Holy Communion!


Written by Grace Miedel and Gretchen Smith (4-1)

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On April 20 and 21st, Saint Michael the Archangel school performed “Singin in the Rain Jr.”. The main characters were played by eighth graders. Most of them have been in the play for eight years. The main characters were Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown play by Christian Bracht and JT Klein. Along with Lina Lamont and Kathy Selden played by Stephanie DiMeo and Camryn Cataline. In summary the play takes place in the 1920s when talkies (talking movies) are just coming out and one of the actresses is gorgeous but her voice is very high-pitched and nasally . So when they find a girl that has a beautiful voice they ask her to dub (talk for sing for) the actress. The play is filled with singing and dancing and silliness along the way. In the end everything ends up fine.   
Janina Caputo gr. 4 
Posted by sklein  On May 07, 2018 at 11:04 AM 35 Comments

Many kids argue with their parents for more video game time.  I am talking with my 8th grade brother, Dare, and my parents. 


Me:  How long should kids be allowed to play video games?

Dare:  I think as long as they want as long as they put the important things first like grades, sports, family & friends. 

Parents:  We, as parents, think 2 hours a day as long as grades stay up and they participate in physical activities.


Me:  What are the pros of being on that long?

Dare:  You can socialize with friends more often especially when you haven’t seen them in a while.

Parents:  You can virtually hang out with friends and it still leaves time for going outside and studying.


Me:  It’s getting warm outside.  Do you think you should go outside more?

Dare:  Yes.

Parents:  Yes.


Me:  Why do you feel that way?

Dare:  It is not good to sit in a dark room and get no exercise.

Parents:  You should enjoy the sun and the nice weather while it lasts.


Me:  I have talked to my parents and my brother, Dare.  They have told me their opinions.  I have my own opinion.  My opinion is – kids should be on video games 3 to 4 hours a day.  They still have time to go outside and play with kids in real life.  I would like to thank my parents and brother for sparing their time and answering my questions.  Thank you.

Lucia Urso
                                                Grade 4

Posted by sklein  On Apr 27, 2018 at 9:47 AM 61 Comments
Hi my name is Ryan Miller. I am a fourth grade student at St. Michael the Archangel Regional School. We received two new students this year. It is always exciting to have a new student. I am here with Julian Flaxman, he is one of the new students. I am going to ask him a few questions:

1. When did you start SMRS? In October.

2. What school were you at before SMRS? Radix Elementary School in Williamstown.

3. How did you feel when you started? Scared, but I met friends quickly. I really like my teacher Mr. Williams. We are learning a lot about the State of New Jersey. We are taking a trip to the State House soon. I also get to have lunch and recess with my cousin in 5th grade.

4. What is your favorite part of the day? Math.

5. Why? Because math is really fun and I am good at it.

This is my blog about our new student. Check back for more blogs.

   -Ryan grade 4 
Posted by sklein  On Mar 15, 2018 at 11:28 AM 85 Comments
Would you get in trouble if you shot your mom with a nerf gun? Well you wouldn’t on Friday February 2 if you attended the Mother & Son event.This year the event was at Legends ball park in Sewell, where mothers and sons got to shoot each other with their favorite foam dart blaster, play kickball, and dodge ball. Mandy Jackson, one of the PTA moms who helped organize the event this year, said that the reason she picked this activity for the mothers and sons is because she thought it would be something different we had never done before in past years. The moms and the sons had a great time.  Mrs. Jackson even said ”Everyone loved the nerf war the best I think. Of course the kids were so much better then the moms but let me tell you the moms were really getting into it trying to attack the kids with the bullets.” Mrs. Losada, who attended the event with her son Alex said that the boys definitely did better than the moms did at the Nerf  war, “But I'm pretty sure he gave me a gun that didn't work that well. I call Sabotage!” However interestingly when Alex was asked he said his mom did a better job. This event was so successful we may even see it again next year! Mrs. Jackson warns to get your tickets early because “This event was so packed we had to shut down admission two days before we were at max. We never thought there would be this much interest”

-Janina Caputo
      Grade 4

Posted by sklein  On Feb 20, 2018 at 10:39 AM 96 Comments
Hello SMRS!

This is Lucia Urso and I am in 4th grade. I am talking to Mr. Wittstock our 6th grade teacher and Student Council Faculty Advisor about Cross Catholic Outreach.

Question: Why are all the students of SMRS collecting money?
Answer: We are collecting money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Student Council decided to collect money for both of these places.

Question: What organization does this money go to?
Answer: Cross Catholic Outreach.

Question: What is Cross Catholic Outreach?
Answer: Cross Catholic Outreach is an organization dedicated to helping people all over the world especially those in third world countries whose children are starving. Once the hurricanes hit in Texas and Florida they began a relief in the US to drive some help to them.

SMRS raised over $500 by collecting coins in just a few weeks. I want to thank Mr. Wittstock for his time and answering my questions. Until next time.... 
Posted by sklein  On Nov 13, 2017 at 3:29 PM 38 Comments
St Michael the Archangel Regional School offers Art Lessons everyday after school. Miss Gennarelli, our art teacher, organizes the lessons for all the students that are interested. Miss Gennarelli decides on the projects that the students will make. Some of the students have painted skateboards, clay pots, Disney portraits, and much more. She separates the students by grade. Students in the same age group go on the same day for art lessons. You are also able to take private lessons. We use paint, pastels, clay, water color, charcoals, and much more. Miss Gennarelli keeps all of our art work in our portfolios. She saves them for art shows, competitions, and the SMRS Art and Education Fair. Miss Genneralli hangs all of the art all over the school for everyone to enjoy. Miss Genneralli is also having art lessons all summer. 
Posted by sklein  On Jun 06, 2017 at 1:24 PM 92 Comments
When you are in 6th grade you learn in detail about ancient civilizations like Egypt or China. The Greek Fest is basically a summary of 6th grade History, but way more fun!! We act out the play Persephone and Demeter. This is about how Greeks thought the seasons change. Then we show off our group projects. Each group selected a  Greek category to present in detail to all the students and faculty at SMRS. The categories were architecture, Olympics, famous people, history, and (the most popular) food and drink. The group the presented architecture told everyone about Greek buildings and art. The Olympics were originated from Greece, just like the Olympics today. The group that presented famous Greek people spoke about rulers and famous historians. The history group spoke mostly about Greek facts and how the country originated. The food and drink category was all about what the Greeks ate and drank. They had examples for everyone to try, like grape juice, olives, and hummus. Every 6th grade class does this every year. Mr. Wittstock, the 6th grade teacher, has been doing the same play fro 12 years!

-Katie Kershaw
  6th grade

Posted by sklein  On Jun 05, 2017 at 10:05 AM 34 Comments
I attended the St Michael the Archangel Regional School Art and Science Fair on May 16th. I interviewed two students, one on their art work and the other on their science project. 

I interviewed Jae Forster an 8th grader at SMRS. Jae submitted two art pieces, a drawing of Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch and a drawing of a rose. Jae has been taking art lessons with Miss Gennarelli for three years. Both of these drawings were gifts for her mother. 

I also interviewed Reese Yates, another 8th grader at SMRS, on her science project. The middle school kids all had to create an invention. The science fair was call the Invention Convention. They were all graded by judges that spoke to each student about the details of their invention. Parents, students, and staff were all able to speak to each student about their project too. Reese made "The Fur Eliminator." This is a vacuuming dog bush. All you do in turn it on, brush the dog's hair, and it sucks up all the dog hair. It took her a few hours to make. 

The PTA had an ice cream social at the fair. You could buy ice cream and make an ice cream sundae with as many toppings as you want. The Athletics Committee sold food as well. They had hoagies, pizza, and snacks. It was a great turnout. The SMRS family came together to see all the art and science projects.

Sami Brown
Grade 3
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I had so much fun at the Pen-Pal Party! Every year Sister Bianca organizes the Pen-Pal Club where 4th through 8th grade students write letters to their senior citizen pen pals. At the end of the year we have a party! This year was my first time having a pen pal and I had a lot of fun! Some people were meeting their pen pals for the first time. Several of the pen pals gave each other small gifts. There was lots delicious food and entertainment. Some of the girls and boys showed off their talents by singing, dancing, and even doing skits! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I can't wait until next year!

Grace Miedel
Grade 4

Posted by sklein  On May 26, 2017 at 11:41 AM 33 Comments
Sister Nabila is an aid in our Pre K 3 class. She is very kind and loving to everyone. Besides being a Pre K 3 aid, she also helps prepare for Mass and decorates the school. On Tuesday March 28, 2017, Sister became an American Citizen. She was born in Egypt. She has traveled the world with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters on the Immaculate Heart of Mary order. She can speaks 3 languages. Sister loves America. She thinks American people are very nice and generous. She thought the hardest part of the process was the interview. She was nervous, but achieved her goal. 

The whole school had a celebration for Sister. She was very surprised and felt very loved by all the students and faculty.

JT Klein
Grade 7
Posted by sklein  On May 08, 2017 at 9:53 AM 29 Comments
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