Art and Science Fair 
I attended the St Michael the Archangel Regional School Art and Science Fair on May 16th. I interviewed two students, one on their art work and the other on their science project. 

I interviewed Jae Forster an 8th grader at SMRS. Jae submitted two art pieces, a drawing of Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch and a drawing of a rose. Jae has been taking art lessons with Miss Gennarelli for three years. Both of these drawings were gifts for her mother. 

I also interviewed Reese Yates, another 8th grader at SMRS, on her science project. The middle school kids all had to create an invention. The science fair was call the Invention Convention. They were all graded by judges that spoke to each student about the details of their invention. Parents, students, and staff were all able to speak to each student about their project too. Reese made "The Fur Eliminator." This is a vacuuming dog bush. All you do in turn it on, brush the dog's hair, and it sucks up all the dog hair. It took her a few hours to make. 

The PTA had an ice cream social at the fair. You could buy ice cream and make an ice cream sundae with as many toppings as you want. The Athletics Committee sold food as well. They had hoagies, pizza, and snacks. It was a great turnout. The SMRS family came together to see all the art and science projects.

Sami Brown
Grade 3
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