Art Lessons 
St Michael the Archangel Regional School offers Art Lessons everyday after school. Miss Gennarelli, our art teacher, organizes the lessons for all the students that are interested. Miss Gennarelli decides on the projects that the students will make. Some of the students have painted skateboards, clay pots, Disney portraits, and much more. She separates the students by grade. Students in the same age group go on the same day for art lessons. You are also able to take private lessons. We use paint, pastels, clay, water color, charcoals, and much more. Miss Gennarelli keeps all of our art work in our portfolios. She saves them for art shows, competitions, and the SMRS Art and Education Fair. Miss Genneralli hangs all of the art all over the school for everyone to enjoy. Miss Genneralli is also having art lessons all summer. 
Posted by sklein On 06 June, 2017 at 1:24 PM  92 Comments