Mother/Son Nerf War 
Would you get in trouble if you shot your mom with a nerf gun? Well you wouldn’t on Friday February 2 if you attended the Mother & Son event.This year the event was at Legends ball park in Sewell, where mothers and sons got to shoot each other with their favorite foam dart blaster, play kickball, and dodge ball. Mandy Jackson, one of the PTA moms who helped organize the event this year, said that the reason she picked this activity for the mothers and sons is because she thought it would be something different we had never done before in past years. The moms and the sons had a great time.  Mrs. Jackson even said ”Everyone loved the nerf war the best I think. Of course the kids were so much better then the moms but let me tell you the moms were really getting into it trying to attack the kids with the bullets.” Mrs. Losada, who attended the event with her son Alex said that the boys definitely did better than the moms did at the Nerf  war, “But I'm pretty sure he gave me a gun that didn't work that well. I call Sabotage!” However interestingly when Alex was asked he said his mom did a better job. This event was so successful we may even see it again next year! Mrs. Jackson warns to get your tickets early because “This event was so packed we had to shut down admission two days before we were at max. We never thought there would be this much interest”

-Janina Caputo
      Grade 4

Posted by sklein On 20 February, 2018 at 10:39 AM  96 Comments