Student Life

The academic program at St. Michael the Archangel Regional School follows guidelines recommended by the Diocese of Camden.  There exists a built-in flexibility within these guidelines and an emphasis in certain areas accordingly in different grades.  National and State Core Standards are incorporated within Diocese Guidelines.

The curriculum consists of Mathematics, Religion, English, Phonics (Kindergarten through Grade 3), Spelling, Penmanship, Social Studies, Science, Art, Physical Education, Computers, Music, and Spanish.  Remedial assistance in Mathematics, Reading, Corrective Speech, and Language Problems is available when needed.

An Enrichment Program called Challenge and Think (CAT) is offered to children in Grades 4 and 5 who excel academically in all curriculum areas.

A variety of extra-curricular clubs are available to extend the students special talents and interests:  Choir, Service, Drama, Rosary Club, Chess Club, Living Stations.
A full compliment of sports activities are also available.                   soccer
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