Student Transfers

Transfer of Pupils to St. Michael the Archangel Regional School

Pupils transferring to St. Michael the Archangel Regional School from another school must:
1. Present a transfer slip from the sending school
2. Request that the sending school mail a duplicate copy of the scholastic records
3. In certain cases proof of a PPD (Mantous) tuberculin test given within the 6 months prior to the first day of school is required.  The school nurse will notify if applicable.

Transfer of Pupils from St. Michael the Archangel Regional School

Parents are asked to notify the Principal in advance and in writing of the date of the transfer.  The following must be given: 
1. Name of child
2. Reasons for transfer
3. New address, if the transfer is due to change of address
4. Name and address of the school that the child will attend
5. Last date the child will attend St. Michael the Archangel Regional School

Only upon receipt of the above information will a transfer card be issued and, upon written request of the receiving school, we will send the scholastic records providing that:
1.  All text and library books have been returned to the school
2.  All tuition and any other outstanding debt has been paid in full

If tuition has been paid in advance, tuition paid for any succeeding full months will be refunded.  When a child leaves, a 365 day waiting period must pass before the child can be considered for re-admission.  In the event that complete payment of tuition or fees has not been made, only health records will be released.